Left to right: Myliah Ramirez, activities assistant; Maria Garcia, occupational therapist; resident Ramona Cundell: Misty Sanchez, medical records director; and Carminia Marquez, activity director

National Nursing Home Week 2017 was a very busy week at Life Care Center of Yuma, Arizona.


The theme was The Spirit of America, so it was only right that Monday, May 15, started with Red, White and Blue Day. The colors of the USA could be seen all throughout the facility, from associates to residents to even some family members. Residents and associates also tried to outdo each other with crazy hairstyles.


“It was fun walking around the facility not knowing what crazy hair ideas came to life that day,” said Carminia Marquez, activity director.


Associates enjoyed a pizza lunch that day as well, and the activities staff made some Lime Rickeys to go with the food. There was a variety of pizzas to choose from, but they were all devoured in minutes. The Lime Rickeys were made up of four ingredients: ice, Sprite, two pumps of grape syrup and a small slice of lime. They were a huge hit – associates and residents kept coming back for more.


On Tuesday, May 16, associates wore their shirts from National Nursing Home Week 2016. On the back of the shirts were associates’ signatures. If they wore their shirts, they were able to put their names in a box for a prize drawing on Friday. That was the rule all week: the more the associates participated, the more chances they had to win.


The activities staff served scones throughout that day. They served them a few different ways: plain, with honey, with powdered sugar or with both honey and powdered sugar.


Wednesday, May 17, was Hawaiian Day, and many people dressed up in their tropical attire. The wheelchair relay race was exciting and drew a pretty big crowd of onlookers by the end of it. After lunch, the activities team served popular virgin piña coladas, both regular and strawberry flavored.


On Thursday, May 18, residents, associates and family members enjoyed hot dogs and fries out front, as well as snow cones and live music.


“The weather that day was perfect for an outside lunch,” Marquez said.


Friday, May 19, was Pajama Day accompanied by coffee, hot chocolate and doughnuts throughout the morning. After lunch, the activity team served ice cream sundaes with all the trimmings. They were definitely a highlight of the day.


The last event of the day was the baby picture reveal for associates. They were asked to bring in a baby photo, and participants could guess who was who. Anyone who guessed all the photos correctly won a prize.


“We had a lot of fun throughout the week with all the different games, lunches and themed days,” said Marquez.


“I really enjoyed the atmosphere,” said resident Linda Maxon. “Everyone was happy and laughing. What I liked most was seeing everyone participate in wearing their pajamas.”

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