Left to right: Myliah Ramirez, activities assistant; Raquel Gonzalez, volunteer; Heather McDermott, activities director; Derek Boothe, volunteer and Carminia Marquez, activities assistant

Since summer 2016, residents from Life Care Center of Yuma, Arizona, have been bowling once a month at the Wild River Entertainment Center.


Each month, the activities department takes about 8-10 residents to the bowling alley in Yuma. The residents enjoy a fun day of free bowling, pizza and drinks before returning to the facility. The month of September’s winner was Eric Raley with a score of 170.


“I had a great time,” said resident Arthur Lofgren. “It is fantastic that we can still enjoy these types of activities.”


“It is rewarding to see their smiles,” shared Heather McDermott, activity directors. “For many of them, it brings back memories of their childhood and young adult life.”

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